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Seattle, WA, US

Light Rain
60°F, Windchill: 60°F
Wind: 13 mph SE
Humidity: 69%
Visibility: 0 mi
pressure: 29.89 in falling
Sunrise: 7:35 am
Sunset: 6:09 pm
Hi: 62°F, Low: 56°F
Hi: 59°F, Low: 53°F
Hi: 58°F, Low: 48°F
Mostly Cloudy
Hi: 60°F, Low: 52°F
Hi: 58°F, Low: 49°F
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2014 Outdoor International Championship Prone


30 shooters competed in the 2014 Washington International Outdoor Rifle Championship held in Tacoma, Washington on September 6, 2014. The match is sanctioned by USA Shooting, the governing body for Olympic shooting sports in the USA. Two state championship titles are awarded, one for prone and the other 3-position.

Alec Patajo won the prone title with a score of 581x600. Emily Stith won the 3-postion title with a score of 1122x1200. 

2014 Outdoor International Championship Stith Patajo

2014 Washington Outdoor International Rifle Championship winners Emily Stith (left, 3-position) and Alec Patajo (right, prone). 


Our Constitution provides that no law shall forbid us from keeping and bearing arms because of the necessity for a militia.  We have a militia of a sort, but our greatest strength lies in the fact that so many of our people not only posess weapons but also understand their use, and above all they are prepared to defend themselves against any sudden attack by an enemy.

You will remember that we won our freedom because we were armed.  We were not a simple peasantry unused to weapons.  The men who wrote our Constitution knew our people would be safe as long as they were armed.

                                                                                                                                                            --Louis L'Amour,  from The Lonesome Gods

                                                                                                                                                              circa 1983

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